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ads and promote your ad to us with the size according to your needs. and we offer inexpensive advertising on our website starting price idr 100 ribu rupiah.

you can place or customize and demand for ad placement on the main page of our website from top to bottom and for information services per our advertising agency team please contact our staff via our contact page

and if you want to join us for advertising please request you to contact our staff team or through our support team call our support team +6289695901980 or e-mail support@flydigitel.com

Terms and Conditions

in our advertising

please note the regulations of the ads in our website with others before making an agreement with us

1. we do not accept illegal and fraudulent advertisements on our site and we will not show as where the regulations of each country in accordance
2. we do not receive payment for advertisements through illegal channels and the corresponding prohibited by their respective countries in the world and we will act as soon as possible and cancel the ad request with us.
3. if you put an ad that was banned in the Internet world such as advertising porn, gambling, fraud, internet fraud, fraud on behalf of companies, illegal advertising, fraud agents, forcing customers and others as appropriate regulations of each country
4. we will block if the advertisements is illegal and we will control and check 24 hours so there is no illegal advertising on our website and will be blocked permanently.
5. Please report if you find illegal advertising in our website through our support team at

further regulatory updates will continue to be our future

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