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flydigitel.com website is the information providers or any sports news information air tickets for flights and hotels.
flydigitel.com built in 2010 by RIZAL FAUZI and developed until now. formerly flydigitel.com still use servers located in Germany and a little slow if the access in Asia, particularly in Russia, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, korea, vietnam, thailand, taiwan, china and countries in Asia and a bit difficult if the access because of the range of server locations in Germany.

and in 2011 to 2014 flydigitel.com server locations change slightly namely the displacement of the server location in london united kingdom till now and a little change in the flydigitel.com access.

flydigitel.com previously only be accessed desktop version and a mobile version is not the latest in internet world today are more sophisticated and flexible if accessed from a tablet or smartphone as famous products namely apple, samsung, nokia, sony and others as his.
in such matters as the creator flydigitel.com namely RIZAL FAUZI started making mobile versions of sites are very sophisticated in recent times.

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'''flydigitel'''. is a company of digital payment system multnasional multi biggest, reliable, and best in the world because it follows the latest technological developments. which focus on the internet product services. these products include Internet technologies such as the times of web computing, software, or software, and online advertising services. most of its profits come from products multi digital payment system. flydigitel airport on Internet services such as air ticketing services domestic and foreign / international, service train tickets, and hotel. flydigitel. focus on multi-service digital payment as payment of credit card bills. Insurance payments, payment of subscription television, internet bills, reload purchase mobile phones, purchase vouchers online games and others that there is cooperation with a reliable company in the world and is supported by online system 24 hours. flydigitel. bring a superior product sales of the domain name, hosting, vps, dedicated servers, SSL certificates famous

and others are supported by a reliable system and also the best technical team. flydigitel. founded by RIZAL FAUZI in 2010 while still in high school kejuruaan or (SMK) majored in engineering specialized informatics software database program. Her early he does not fully know the program database. upon graduation he began to understand the language code website ie HTML and PHP program program. during the times he was more advanced with the times, which grew rapidly and began to take advantage of these developments and designing website is useful, and can be accessed worldwide. he makes flydigitel as a private company on 20 December 2011. Her mission statement is "wanted to gather and create a website developed rapidly and the largest in the world, and also can be accessed worldwide. since its inception, the rapid growth the company has produced a range products namely, hosting, domain name, VPS, dedicated servers, SSL certificates and reseller hosting, and most important is to focus on the services of multi payment of digital systems such as: payment or credit card billing inside or outside the country. payment tv subscription, electricity, water , internet payments, reload purchase smartphones, insurance payments and others that there is cooperation with the company's biggest and most reliable. and another one flydigitel. issued a superior product latest payment air tickets online domestic and international covering and there is cooperation with companies largest airline in the world such as Qatar airways, fly emirates, Etihad, Cathay pacific, british airways, eva water, qantas, KLM, lufthansa, singapore airlines, Garuda Indonesia, lion air, delta, turkish airlines, batik water, citilink, nam water , sriwijaya water, malaysia airlines, all nipon airways, korean water, china airlines and top airline company in the world to work together with flydigitel. flydigitel. working with top companies in Asia so much easier, and also working with the company's top travel agents in Asia and

internationally. HISTORY initial flydigitel Inc. company in 2010 flydigiel. owner and founder flydigitel. build and make her the right web site on October 23, 2010, flydigitel started online and live. then already online and can be accessed in southeast asia. at that time flydigitel using a free domain name and also use the free servers and data centers located in Germany with a capacity of disk space minimum 2GB and restrictions limit the data transfer or known band width of 100GB per month, the first initial connection access the website started to run smoothly and without obstacles later on 19 January 2011 flydigitel experiencing a surge of website visitors that the server load becomes slow and the data transfer or band widht be discharged because they are restricted as much as 100 GB per month by the server service provider. and then flydigitel can not be accessed or death total could not be accessed for one more week to wait months following her to start a new widht band capacity. and again flydigitel. high surge again so began a heavy server load, then flydigitel forced to hit penalty by the server company with services providers into two time zones and exposed suspend or termination of the website server by server provider company. and finally the founder and owner of the flydigitel pleads for return or request flydigitel back up important data on-site disk storage space yes lived his. and once approved finally flydigitel move server data center located in the state of English in the city of london with renting a server and limit the data transfer band width unlimited or not to be limited by the speed of 100 mbps until flydigitel can be accessed throughout the European continent and very fast accessed over the world as well as in southeast Asia, so flydigitel can now live or online by using servers in london until now. and its initial server in Germany is her skimpy capacity disak space and data transfer or band width so accessible in Southeast Asia so is slow, especially in countries Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, korea, saudi arabia, lebanon, Qatar, Russia, the Philippines, Thailand, india and several other countries in southeast Asia it - service flydigitel flydigitel utilizing the latest technology and use the application if such transactions flydigitel ask about the product through the application whatsapp, telegram, email, sms, phone and chat website flydigitel. flydigitel respect and maintain the privacy of the consumer transaction data so guarded safely and carefully so that prioritizes consumer confidence is number one.